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LED Light Therapy Mask

Get an instant beauty boost and give your skin that extra juicy glow.

Advanced Skincare with 4 technologies in one 'on the go' easy to use device:

  • Reduce Puffiness and Soothe Skin with Heat Therapy
  • Promote Cell Turnover and Renewal with Red Light Therapy
  • Lift, tone, and look younger with Microcurrents
  • A gentle massage for the shine and glowy look using Vibration Technology

*Price Offer is limited and can end at any time.*

Sauna Blanket Features

An infrared sauna in the comfort of your home. No assembly required, easy to use, requires minimal storage space and is even transportable.

Premium quality Vegan synthetic leather, fully waterproof and made from durable long lasting materials.

Far infrared heating made from Japanese carbon nano-fibre heating technology that provides many health benefits.