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- Length 1.85m
- Recommended for persons up to 2.0m in length.
- Weight 8 kg
- Width unfolded 1.8m
- Suitable for large body sizes and persons with a weight up to 140 kg
- Voltage 220-240V (EU/UK model) or 110V (US model)
- Ultra low EMF heating (average 0.1mG to 0.9mG trace emf levels)
- Timer setting up to 1 hour
- Wattage 600W
- Infrared wavelength is from 8-14um
- Internal blanket surface temperature range approximately 30-65 degrees celsius depending on the set level.
- ROHS certified toxin free
- CE rated - European Health & Safety Standards
- Standards and Test Specifications: European Standards EN 60355-1, 60355-2-27, EN62233, EN55014-1, EN55014-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, IEC: 62321 Various

Using the Koanna Sauna Blanket is very low cost and economical.

The blanket's wattage is 600W. Therefore at an electricity price of 35 Euro cents per kWH, using the Koanna Sauna Blanket for an hour session will cost approximately 21 Euro Cents (0.21 Euros per hour usage).

Save thousands on sauna visits or home installations. Using five times per week costs only 1 euro. The Koanna Sauna Blanket is not only great for your health but easy on your wallet too.

Option 1 - Cleaning the blanket is easy. Being fully waterproof means you can wipe down any excess sweat with your towel. Then spray the blanket with a gentle cleaning fluid. Job done in 2 minutes or less.

Option 2 - The Sauna Blanket Insert is an accessory that has been designed to minimise cleaning after your session. The soft terry cotton absorbs the sweat, just slip inside and enjoy some luxury.

The Koanna Blanket generates far infrared heating rays with a wavelength of approximately 8-14um. This is the optimum wavelength for infrared saunas and most IR saunas are this wavelength. In principle this is infrared C, although the starting and end point of the ranges have different answers depending on the source.

The Koanna Sauna Blanket has been designed with EMF Blocking Technology for an all natural experience.

The EMF levels on the Koanna Sauna Blanket average out at ultra low levels in the range 0.1 to 0.9 milligaus.

It's never been easier to sauna thanks to the Koanna infrared blanket.

(i) Lay out the blanket on a suitable surface, like your bed, sofa or yoga mat.

(ii) Plug in the power. Set your session time on the handheld controller (up to 60 minutes), set your temperature (levels 1 to 6), then jump inside for 60 minutes of bliss.

(iii) Afterwards jump into a cooling shower, and clean down the blanket which takes 2 minutes or less. It packs away small into a handy storage/travel bag.

There is no limit to how often you should use the blanket. We recommend listening to your body and use as often as you feel you need, which is 3 sessions per week for some customers and every day for others.

The same principle applies to when is the best time to use the blanket. The blanket works great for relaxation and promotes deep sleep, so using before going to bed is a great idea. However, using earlier in the day will also provide an energising effect which sets you up for a productive day.

We also have professional athletes who are using the blanket following a training session to take advantage of the Infrared benefits and faster recovery.

Finally, whilst we enjoy sessions of 45-60 minutes the most, even a short session will provide some benefit. It's a case of finding what works best for your lifestyle and schedule.

The Koanna infrared blanket is made from the highest quality polyurethane leather and ROHS Certified non-toxic materials. The blanket is built in layers as described Infrared Sauna Blanket. It has a luxury feel and is completely waterproof.

The Koanna Infrared Sauna Blanket generates far infrared heat that deeply penetrates the skin. It warms the body from the inside out which results in a deep cleansing sweat. The Infrared rays can provide a wide range of benefits as described Infrared Sauna Blanket.

The heating elements in the Koanna Blanket generate infrared energy. This energy consists of (a very small part) light and (mainly) heat. You cannot see the light rays, but the warmth is indispensable for us and it feels good on your skin. For example the warm rays from the sun are the best known and most important source of infrared.

Traditional saunas use electric heaters to heat the space to as high a temperature as possible. However, infrared saunas do not focus on heating the air around you. Instead, the radiant infrared creates a penetrating heat that warms the body from the inside out. This allows you to experience a more intense and longer sweat session with comfort and at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna. Because of this reason many people find Infrared Sauna more satisfying and enjoyable, compared to the intensity and stress of a Finnish sauna.

The Koanna Sauna Blanket has the same heating technology as a regular infrared sauna cabin. However, the comfortable lying position contributes to greater relaxation. In addition, the cocoon design means that you are completely surrounded and close to the infrared rays, which is not the case with a cabin sauna.

Many of our customers wondered whether the blanket would be as enjoyable as a regular sauna cabin. Please do check our reviews and all the customers that were very pleasantly surprised.

"I was really sceptical, I thought that the Koanna sauna blanket was less efficient than a real sauna. I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. After a session, I am soaked and above all I feel very relaxed. It's a great discovery, it's really worth the price. I have no regrets. Thank you very much" Zakia E.

It is not recommended to use the blanket when pregnant.

If you have a blood pressure complaint, then as with any form of heat therapy, we recommend to discusss first with your medical practitioner before using the sauna blanket

The sauna blanket folds very compact and is light weight at only 8 kg. It takes up very little space in your home and is easy to store away after using.

The blanket comes in a handy travel bag which makes its perfect for travelling with.

The box includes the Koanna infrared blanket, instruction manual, the temperature/time controller, power supply cord and a handy travel and storage bag.

The Sauna Blanket comes with a 12 month warranty as described in the warranty page of this store.


The Koanna Light Therapy Mask is an at-home wearable LED device that produces light to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen, decrease skin blemishes, and improve complaints like acne and rosacea.

The LED mask has 4 wavelengths of light: red, near-infrared, yellow and blue. This means there is always a light therapy to suit both your skin type and goal.

Wavelengths:The Koanna mask uses four proven wavelengths of light; (i) 460nm Blue, (ii) 590nm Yellow, (iii) 630nm Red and (iv) 850nm Near Infrared light.

Treatment Options: There are 3 modes of operation (i) Yellow, (ii) Blue, and (iii) Red/Near Infrared in combination. When starting a treatment, choose one of the three modes depending on your goal.

LED Lights: There are 240 Lights in the mask. 60 yellow, 60 blue, 60 Red and 60 Near Infrared. The Near infrared light is invisible to the human eye so you cannot see it.

These wavelengths have been shown in clinical studies to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and help rebuild the damage caused by the aging process.

Mask Irradiance: The mask irradiance is 76mW/cm².

We have designed the Koanna LED Mask so that you can combine your light therapy treatment with other activities.

The digital controller and in-built battery enable you to be fully mobile when wearing the mask. Incorporate your skincare treatment into your busy lifestyle and use it during light exercise, watching the TV, working at the computer, or just simply relaxing.

In addition, eye comfort pads are provided, the use of which is optional and based on preference. These soft pads reduce the brightness and are therefore perfect for when you are multi-tasking.

Step 1 - Gently Clean and dry your face. We do not recommend using the mask when wearing make-up.

Step 2 - Put the mask on and fasten using the straps provided. The advanced silicone design means the mask fits comfortably on your face.

Step 3 - Choose your time (5-30 minutes), select your colour, then lie back, relax and enjoy some me-time. We recommend to always use the mask on the brightest setting for the best results.

For the best results use 3 to 5 times per week.

It is recommended that you experiment with both treatment times (10-30 minutes) and colours (Red/NIR, Yellow and Blue). This way you will discover what works best for you.

It is also ok to combine colour treatments into a single session, e.g. 10 minutes of Red Light followed by 10 minutes of Blue Light.

Light therapy is a completely natural treatment and does not contain any harmful UV wavelengths. It does not create heat or thermally damage the skin.

Light Therapy is used be Dermatologists in medical centres worldwide and has over 6000 scientific studies behind it.

The Koanna Yellow Light Therapy works at a wavelength 590nm. It has a shallow penetration level which makes it an effective treatment for a range of skin issues.

Upon penetration of the skin, yellow light activates several key mechanisms triggering cell renewal. Ultimately this change results in a better skin appearance and helps:

- Reduce redness associated with rosacea.
- Balance skin tone and improve skin pigmentation.
- Improve lymphatic flow.
- Revitalise damaged skin tissues.
- Improve sun damage.

The Koanna Mask emits Blue light at the 460nm Wavelength. This wavelength has an antimicrobial effect, making it effective at killing several types of bacteria that can collect in your pores and oil glands and cause breakouts. The blue light neutralises this bacteria deep within your pores.

The blue light can also have an anti-inflammatory effect on keratinocytes, the most common cells in the outer layer of the skin. This helps to reduce redness and inflammation.

A 2009 study showed that daily self-treatment using blue light for mild-to-moderate acne reduced the number of acne lesions significantly. Moreover, the study demonstrated a significant improvement of the subjects’ skin conditions.

The Koanna Mask combines Red (630nm) and Near Infra-Red Light (830nm) into a single treatment.

This light is absorbed by the mitochondria in your cells, resulting in an increase in energy production.

Following red light exposure, you’ll enjoy increased circulation and blood flow, which can help reduce inflammation. It also has an added benefit of boosting collagen production for an improved skin tone and natural anti-aging effects.

The Koanna Led Mask comes with a 12 month warranty as described in the warranty page of this store.