Koanna™ Sauna Kit

Sweat in style.

Sale price€34.99

Elevate your sauna experience to new heights with the Koanna™ Sauna Kit.

  • Pillow Towel: Soft Terry Cotton for your sauna pillow or the gym.
  • Headband: A stylish, sweat absorbing band for your sauna and workout sessions.
  • Microfibre Towel: Perfect for swiftly cleaning down your blanket.

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What's included in your Koanna™ Sauna Kit?

Pillow/Gym towel
Cleaning/Gym towel

Upgrade your sauna blanket sessions.

Rest your head on the plush pillow towel, and keep your hair in check with the comfortable headband included in this exquisitely crafted kit.

As you sweat away all your stress, the soft microfiber towel comes to the rescue, making post-sauna cleaning effortless.