Sauna Blanket Insert

Unwind in total comfort.

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Combine your sauna blanket with the Koanna® Insert to experience an even higher level of comfort and luxury:

  • Save on cleaning - the sauna towel absorbs the sweat so you don't have to clean your blanket afterward.
  • Feel the soft sleeping bag design gently hugging your skin.
  • Fits perfectly inside your Koanna® Sauna Blanket.
  • Lightweight, machine washable & quick drying.
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Effortless Setup and Ultimate Relaxation!

Transform your relaxation routine and enjoy the ultimate pampering session without any post-sauna blanket cleanup.

+ The insert fits snugly inside your sauna blanket.
+ Take off your clothes and slip into the soft terry cotton.
+ Indulge in pure relaxation inside your cocoon of comfort.
+ And the best part, the towel absorbs sweat, so no cleaning afterwards.

Treat your skin to the
luxury it deserves.

Designed specifically for the Sauna Blanket, the Koanna™ insert helps to draw a healthy amount of sweat from the pores, leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Our trademark premium terry cotton absorbs the sweat, so you can lie back and unwind in total comfort.