The Surprising Benefits of Light Therapy

The Surprising Benefits of Light Therapy

Light specialist Patrick Matthews sent us this wonderful blog article on the benefits of light therapy. Simply fascinating to read!

Man biohacking with red light therapy and ice bath

Biohacking is the new Self-Care!

Biohacking your body can strengthen longevity, enhance brain function, improve mental health, promote weight loss, reverse signs of aging, and much more...

How does Yellow Light help your skin?

How does Yellow Light help your skin?

Yellow LED light therapy is still fairly unknown, but it offers many amazing benefits for the skin. In this blog article you will find out more about them.

Koanna Blue Light LED Mask

What is LED Light Therapy?

Many people do not know what LED light therapy actually is. In this article, we take a closer look at its benefits and fields of application.

led light therapy mask

Infrared Saunas and Red Light Therapy. What’s the difference?

When it comes to health and wellness, infrared saunas and red light therapy are all the rage. But what's actually the difference between them?

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Does Infrared Light Make You Happy?

Does infrared light make you happy? In this article we will go into more detail about the health benefits of an infrared sauna and its relaxing effects.