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Your skin needs regular care and attention to stay looking its best. The Koanna LED Light Therapy Mask is the perfect remedy to reduce signs of aging and for known conditions like acne and rosacea.
  • Boost Collagen. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with Red Light.
  • Repair skin imbalances and reduce redness with Yellow Light.
  • Banish Acne breakouts with Blue Light.

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“Already from the first week you notice the difference in complexion and a more elastic and rejuvenated skin.”

Etleva A

Feel good on the inside. Look great on the outside.

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. True, but we know as well as you do, that we all strive to feel good on the inside AND  look great on the outside!
The Koanna Light Therapy Mask uses our unique 'Quad Light Technology' to stimulate collagen production, resulting in younger, firmer and more hydrated  looking skin.

2000+ customers enjoy our LED Mask >

A kaleidoscope of benefits for your skin.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with red light.

Red Light stimulates the production of new collagen to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Near infrared penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to give your circulation a boost. The improved blood flow boosts oxygen to the skin’s cells for that fresh, glowing and renewed look.

Remove redness with yellow light.

Yellow light is best known for skin cell rejuvenation and it’s soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits. It also boosts lymphatic flow, which removes toxins and waste from the skin, and is most effective for skin issues involving redness like Rosacea.

Clear up acne breakouts with blue light.

Take aim at your blemishes with Blue Light Therapy. Reduce acne symptoms, and speed up recovery and healing time of acne breakouts. Blue LED Light Therapy specifically targets acne bacteria that live on the skin. By removing the bacteria, this treatment can reduce active acne.

Spa grade quality. At home!

Now you don't have to leave your house to benefit from luxury spa treatments. Our LED Face Mask not only helps you get fresh, youthful skin, but its something that can easily change your mood for the day. Just lie back, relax, and achieve great looking skin!

Built for maximum comfort

The medical grade silicone mask is soft, flexible and easy to wear and use.

Results are tailored to you

Bringing you one step closer to fresher, clearer, younger looking skin, without spending a fortune on spa treatments. + Quad colour light technology for tailored results.

Cordless Mobile Design

Fit the mask into your busy lifestyle. Combine your treatment with a yoga session, using your PC, walking around, or a relaxing meditation.

Combats wrinkles and increases collagen.

Fights acne causing bacteria and reduces acne.

Balances out skin complexion.

Helps lessen skin inflammation and rosacea.

Promotes a brighter glow for more radiant skin.

What is LED Light Therapy?

This treatment is no longer a mystery, it’s clinically tested, safe and scientifically proven to bring results.

LED light therapy involves the use of light-emitting diodes (LED) that emit various colors of light to target specific skin concerns. Energy is delivered to the the skin cells, triggering various healing processes. Different colors of light have different effects on the skin, and the most commonly used colors in LED light therapy are red, blue, and near-infrared.

We’re yet to hear from a customer who hasn’t seen these type of results using our face mask.


Incorporate us into your daily routine.

From now on you don't have to leave your house to benefit from luxury spa treatments. This comfort is now available at your leisure when your skin is in the mood for something fancy.

Our LED Face Mask not only helps you get fresh looking skin, but is something that can easily change your mood for the day. Just lie back and relax.

Real results from real Koanna™ customers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our army of Koanna skin warriors as they lead you into battle against signs of ageing!

Rated 4.8/5 by over 10,000 satisfied customers

Bozena R.check_circle

Me and my daughter love the mask ❤️ Blue is perfect for 15 year old girls and for me red and yellow is perfect as a 50 year old! Two women, one mask - it does not get better 😍 Thank you

Patrick M.check_circle

Energizes, refreshes and definitely improves the appearance of the skin and underlying facial muscles - I love using it.

Bridget B.check_circle

I love my LED light therapy mask. I mainly use the yellow light for my rosacea and actually see improvement already. The redness is slowly going away and my skin is smoother. It is comfortable and easy to use. If you wear a scrunchie, it doesn't slip either. Highly recommended.

Elisabeth M.check_circle

My own personal daily spa area at home. I thank the Koanna team, for these ingenious products. My absolute purchase recommendation!!!

Maila C.check_circle

I love it. The first 2 times I still had to get used to it, but since then it feels great. My fine lines are almost gone after just 1 month. I recommend Koanna's LED mask without reservation.

Etleva A.check_circle

Simply wonderful. Already from the first week you can see a difference in the complexion and have a more elastic, rejuvenated skin. Excellent product.

Margaret B.check_circle

I have been using the Koanna mask almost daily for about a month now and can already see an improvement in my skin. It feels softer and the complexion appears more even. I have never experienced such an improvement with any product and am very pleased with the results. I hope to see more of the same with continued use. I highly recommend the Koanna mask.

Roland F.check_circle

I suffer from rosacea. The results after about twenty hours of use in the last few weeks (mainly yellow light) are very promising....

Bianca R.check_circle

The whole family uses this mask! My sons (13 and 15) the blue light and I mostly red and sometimes yellow.

Mariana S.check_circle

Feels great ☺️ great product.

Maria Eduarda F.check_circle

I recommend the blue and yellow light of the Koanna mask for reducing hormonal acne. However, for sensitive skin like mine, using it for more than 20 minutes can cause a mild allergy. Nevertheless, it is worth it!

There is no debate.
Light therapy is backed by science.

This treatment is no longer a mystery, it's clinically tested and scientifically proven to bring results.

A reduction of wrinkles by 35% in only 4 weeks, increased collagen production and effective acne treatment are just some of the proven benefits. With over 6000 scientific studies since 1980 you can be confident the LED Light Therapy Mask, so follow the science and get results with the Koanna™ LED Mask.

"LED masks and other infrared devices are affordable, effective, and targeted - so, if you've been sleeping on them for this long, now's the time to start paying attention."

Dr. Shereene Idriss, M.D

Get vibrant glowing skin in just 2 weeks or your money back.

We're so confident in this product that if it doesn't give you fresher, younger looking skin within 30 days, we'll give you a full refund.

See why thousands choose the Koanna™ Light Therapy Mask.

  • Light Modes
  • 30 day risk free trial
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High grade silicon
  • Digital controller
  • Portable for on-the-go care
  • Red, Near red, blue, yellow
  • Other Masks
  • Red, near red

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What's included in your Koanna™ LED Light Mask box?

Silicone flexible face mask.
Head straps.
Carry bag.
Silicone comfort pads.
USB cable.

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30 Day Free Trial

We are so confident in this product that we will give you a full refund if you don't get fresher, younger looking skin within 30 days.

What is the Koanna™ LED Light Therapy Mask?

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Is it safe to use the LED Light Therapy Mask?

How does yellow light help to balance skin tone and redness?

How does blue light therapy help treat acne symptoms?

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Elevate your skin's health.