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Koanna customer using the sauna blanket
Koanna customer sitting on her sauna blanket in bed


"Wauw an amazing experience. I really really liked it! I feel that i can much more relax and come easier in a meditation mode than taking a regular hot bath or normal sauna"

The first feeling stepping into the blanket was a feeling of getting into my hot bath, which I also enjoy very much.

In the beginning I was a bit restless, but once I found my correct position and after closing my eyes, I became more and more relaxed.  After about 20 minutes or so when the temperature got to its highest point my body felt a sense of sensation, a tingling feeling going through my whole body. At the same time, I started slowly to sweat. 

My mind became calmer and calmer during the session and I felt really relaxed. I realised I was in meditation mode.  The whole session until the clock went off I was able to stay in this calm feeling which only became stronger closer to the end. 

After the session was finished, I stayed a few more minutes before getting out. It was too nice to step out. Then I took a moderate warm shower and went to bed very relaxed and slept extremely well.  

For me this session felt to me as a real sauna experience with an extra dimension because you not only sweat, but you also experience a real mind and body relaxing feeling.  

Astrid, Tilburg, Netherlands


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