Soak up the summer sun during winter

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Even if it’s way past summer, the feeling of a Long Island cocktail on a beach remains unchanged. But what if you can bring that sun soaking experience at home, during the winter? Sounds a bit ambiguous and hard to reach, but actually there’s a trick in the book that might make you feel like dressing up that swimsuit again in November. There is a scientific proof of what we’re talking about here and you are about to find out the way you can trick your body to feel like it’s by the pool in an August day.

It’s all connected to the Infra-Red Sauna with home usage, seen as a blanket and ready to be wrapped up and be stored under the bed. But this little gadget will bring back the summer vibe once you use it. How so? The heat inside this blanket tricks your body into thinking that you are benefiting from summer heat and acts like the body itself is on vacation. You will definitely feel relaxed, de-stressed and about to recover. Not all days are a cup of tea, but for those times we created something that helps you regain your natural calm and state of mind. As we said, it’s all about the scientific facts and the technology that helps us remain healthy. This year has taught us that there’s nothing more important than taking good care of physical and mental state.

In professional terms, Infra-Red exposure causes a release of dopamine (a neurotransmitter) and beta-endorphins, a neuropeptide hormone. These hormones cause a sense of euphoria, improved mood, more energy, a greater sense of calm, and pain tolerance. This means that, after the 60 minutes session, you will feel much better, you will regain your energy, your peace and the relaxing state of mind.

Immediately following an Infra-Red session (and the interaction of the dynorphins and mu opioid receptors) you will have a sense of “high” from raised serotonin levels. Serotonin is regarded by some researchers as a chemical that is responsible for maintaining mood balance. When your serotonin levels are normal you feel happier, calmer, more focused, less anxious, and more emotionally stable. And this specific Infra-Red Sauna will help to normalize your serotonin levels and put you in the rest and digest mode of your parasympathetic nervous system.

As a result, after only a few sessions, you will simply exit feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. Add a cleansing shower and you will also experience the best night’s sleep ever and the natural high we’re all chasing!

Why is this so important to us?

Imagine living somewhere under the sun for the whole year, having that relaxing feeling every day. It helps us feel like we are on continuous vacation for the whole year, or at least makes us feel like after a long day, we can open that magical door to the land of happiness. But that door is now a special blanket with special powers that will lure you into a totally different experience of rediscovering yourself. It’s time to pamper yourself as well, forget for a second about the others, and please yourself with a long-lasting gift.

The sun is a great friend, but a best friend, such as the Infra-Red Sauna will not harm you a bit. It’s about perspective and unlimited at home experiences. The cost is minimal.



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