Why am I so excited about the transportable Infrared Blanket?

Elisabeth Brandeau and her mountain bike

As a mountain biker, I am mainly out training at all times of the year. No matter whether I'm cycling or jogging. With red cheeks, hot ears, frozen toes and ice cold legs I often come back from my daily outdoor training to the warm house at this time of the year. It takes me a while to get my shoes off, and only slowly can I drink something warm. Little by little I feel all my extremities again and dare to take a shower. Here, too, I experience the circulation and the tingling in the still ice-cold places.

Elisabeth holding the Koanna sauna blanket


After the shower I slip into comfortable cotton clothes and snuggle down on the sofa with another hot cup of tea. Sometimes it takes up to an hour to feel re-energised. To speed up this process or to improve regeneration and strengthen the immune system, I slip into the Koanna infrared blanket. This warms up again from the inside and supports the blood circulation. It can often happen that I fall asleep.

Not only after cold training days do I like to relax in the Koanna infrared blanket. But also on rest days or simply to stimulate my metabolism. Because it is so easy to use, I even use it spontaneously. No annoying preheating or pre-setting, comfortable on the couch and even possible when you have the children around. Just plug it into the socket, lie down in it and close the blanket over you. Then set the timer and the temperature and finally press the On button and you'll notice the heat rising from below.  Relaxation and regeneration in one!

 I use it 4-5 weeks a week - on cold days quite directly after training, on other days also in the evening before going to bed to be fit again the next day!

   Elisabeth Brandeau - German Tokyo 2021 Olympics - Cyclo-cross athlete 

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